Q: How do I get my kids involved in this?

A: Currently we have a full roster of drivers, but if we obtain a new truck or one of the drivers have been dismissed from their position for any reason we will announce the opening spot via our website.

Q: How much do these trucks cost?

A: Between $20,000-$30,000

Q: Where can I get one of these trucks?

A: The trucks we have were manufactured in 2001-2004 by Rhino industries and Patriot Mini Monsters. We are in the works with another company manufacturing these particular trucks to sell to the public. The details and release date will also be announced via our website.

Q: How do we get Lil Monster Trucks team to do a show close to where we live?

A: We do shows all over the country, but we can be booked for any number of events. If you go to the “Book Us Now” section on our website it will give you more specifics on event bookings.

Q: How old and how young can the drivers be?

A: Our drivers can start at age 6 and age out at 17 years old.

Q: What grades or GPA do the drivers have to maintain to be part of the Lil Monster Trucks team?

A: Drivers must maintain a minimum of a “C” average.

Q: What type of events does the Lil Monster Trucks team perform at?

A: Lil Monster Trucks team performs at a number of different events from Birthday parties, County Fairs, Nonprofit Displays, etc. The drivers love to perform and will come just about anywhere to make their fans smile.

Q: What is the pricing for Lil Monster Trucks team to perform at an event?

A: We have several different packages for each particular type of event. If you fill out the event booking form found on our website we can contact you with pricing options.