Meet the Drivers



Hometown:  Eureka, MO
Age:  11
Rookie Year: 2013

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When Ally is not spending her time at school or cheer practice, you can find her riding around on her four wheeler or driving around in her Monster Truck.  She has been doing competitive cheer since she was 5 years old, but is definitely not afraid of getting dirty or racing around on her pink four wheeler. Ally enjoys meeting new people and traveling around the country.  She loves just about any type of project that consists of creating things such as sewing, art, or rainbow looms.  The best part of her creations is that she loves to give them to others as gifts. Ally’s favorite part of driving Monster Trucks is being able to spread autism awareness and stop bullying.  She looks forward to driving her Monster Truck in a city near you!


Hometown: Rosebud, MO
Age: 14
Rookie Year: 2014



Blaine received his first four wheeler as a birthday present when he was only 4 years old and has had 91 octane running through his veins ever since! Blaine loves playing football and is a very skilled wrestler on the mat. He is passionate about wrestling and attends a year-round wrestling academy. In his free time, he likes to work on derby cars with his dad, participate in lawnmower demolition derbies, drive old cars around the farm and well of course drive the Bully Warrior Monster Truck!



Hometown: Owensville, MO
Age:  17
Rookie Year: 2015




Michael Eckert is a 17 year old high school senior from Owensville, Missouri.  He moved to California where he lived for 10 years, but moved back to Missouri five years ago.  He loves everything fast and loud!  When Mike is not working or at school, he likes working on cars and tinkering with anything mechanical.

He is thankful for the opportunity to drive Monster Trucks and is looking forward to meeting new people while stopping bullying and promoting DARE.


Hometown: Rosebud, MO
Age: 17
Rookie Year: 2014

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When Hayden was only 4 years old, he received his first four wheeler for his birthday. Since then he has been addicted to anything that he can drive fast and jump over things on the farm. He is a charismatic young man that is very active in his local youth group and in FFA. His hobbies include playing video games, playing airsoft, hanging out with his friends and working in the garage with his dad. Make no mistake though, Hayden has the ability to tear up a monster truck doing the best stunts you’ve seen just as his dad tears up derby cars and always comes out on top! Hayden is a big supporter of anti-bullying and the D.A.R.E. program!


Hometown: Eureka, MO
Age: 6
Rookie Year: 2016

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Kayden is 6 years old and goes 100 mph all day long. Since he was able to talk and make noise he has been making engine noises out of his mouth when he plays with trucks and cars. Kayden is the World’s youngest Monster Truck Driver! He’s been waiting to get in the seat of the Puzzle Master Truck since he was 4 years old. This kindergartner loves Motorsports and all the thrills and fame that come with it! He helps the mechanics in the shop and loves working on the trucks!


Hometown: Eureka, MO
Age: 14
Rookie Year: 2013

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Kaleb has been driving around on gas and battery powered vehicles since he was the young age of 3.  He has always enjoyed being outside and riding or driving around on whatever he can get his hands on, which means whichever has the batteries charged or has gas. When he is not tearing up the track and crushing cars he is enjoying two of his favorite extracurricular activities, wrestling and football.  Even though both these sports are only seasonal, he participates in additional clinics and camps year around to keep up his skills and prepare for each new season, all while staying on the Honor Roll at school. Kaleb loves spending time with his friends and family, meeting new people, making new friends, and entertaining his fans!  He is incredibly considerate and always thinks of others before himself.  Kaleb likes to have fun and loves when others are having fun along with him.  Kaleb is also a big promoter of helping kids stand up to and stop bullies.  With his truck MINI PATROL he plans on “Stopping Bullies and Crushing Drugs”!


Hometown: Rosebud, MO
Age: 11
Rookie Year: 2014

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Kelby started out her young driving career when she was only 3 years old, which consisted of driving around on a battery powered Barbie Jeep. She quickly advanced when her older brother gave her his four wheeler a year later. She has now graduated up to driving old cars around the farm and of course the AMERICAN GIRL Monster Truck! In her free time, Kelby loves making crafts and jewelry. She loves to give all her creations away to family and friends. Her other hobbies include riding her bike, reading, listening to music, playing with the animals on the farm, and helping her dad in the garage. She also plays softball in the summer. However don’t let this cute little girl fool you because she is bound and determined to show her brothers up on the track!

Our Mechanics

mechanicsMechanics of Lil Monster Trucks, demo derby dominators, co-workers and friends are Eddie Schoenfeld and Kyle Vlasak.  Eddie is the father of 3 of our drivers Kelby, Blaine and Hayden.  When Eddie and Kyle aren’t turning wrenches at their local Chrysler Dealer they are running in demo derby’s, going to wrestling meets and FFA events or working in their garages they are helping the world’s youngest monster truck drivers practice and keep their trucks safe and running! These 2 guys are a huge asset to Lil Monster Trucks and we are blessed to have them on our team!